Keys Jewish Community Center

(305) 852-5235

P.O. Box 1332
Tavernier, ​FL 33070

Our Sisterhood schedules regular group dinners, often connected to holidays, but at least once a month. We're told by synagogue veterans that our monthly publication, Chai-Lights, is equal to (or better than) that of any large synagogue in the country. We have a professional audio/video system in our sanctuary, where we can show theater-quality movies. We bring in professors and other experts, both religious and secular, for lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Our Meditation Garden is a precious outdoor jewel of beauty and serenity, with winding brick paths and even a special pergola filled with orchids.

And this is only a taste. There's so much more here. You've never experienced a synagogue like this one. If you are coming to the Keys, please join us for a Shabbat service and Oneg.

Services are held Fridays at 7:30 PM.

Keys Jewish Community Center
Mile Marker 93.1 oceanside
P.O. Box 1332
Tavernier, Key Largo, Florida 33070

To contact us
​Telephone: (305) 852-5235

Presidents Message

As an unaffiliated synagogue, we strive to welcome and incorporate all branches of Judaism into our services. We sing the beautiful Hebrew songs, and read the magnificent Hebrew prayers. (Have you ever heard the Hashkivenu read elegantly in native Hebrew?) But we also read prayers in English, too. We are lay-led, so each week the member leading services adapts that service to his or her preferences. It all works, wonderfully. Our services last about an hour, and then we adjourn to our social hall for our legendary onegs. It isn't about just a quick nosh and then leaving. Not here. Our members actually enjoy each other, and will often sit and chat and laugh and try to make sense of life until the coffee runs out.

But we also offer a full calendar of religious celebrations and observances. On the High Holidays we are joined on the bimah by a Cantor and led by a member, the brilliant Rabbi Richard Agler. We offer a full year of religious school for our children. Hebrew classes, beginner to advanced, are taught by native Israeli Yardena Kamely, born and raised in Haifa. Purim here is occasionally a little wacky, just as the rabbis say it should be. Every fall we decorate a gazebo in our Garden as our Sukkah, and celebrate onegs there. In the spring we put on our annual Passover seder. It's so good and enriching that we often get non-Jewish members of the community asking to come. At Simchat Torah Rabbi Agler delights everyone with his seven-minute simultaneous translation of the entire Torah. (Yes, Genesis through Deuteronomy.)

Beth Hayden, President

President's Message:

We welcome you to the most unique and engaging synagogue anywhere. Our members, from all over North America and occasionally other parts of the world, deeply love what we've created here. Many maintain their memberships even when they move away, just to stay connected.

The Keys Jewish Community Center (KJCC) is located in the beautiful and alluring Florida Keys, at the southern tip of Key Largo.Some of our congregants travel as far as fifty miles to attend services. At what other shul can you spend a Friday fishing or diving and then go directly to services?