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Oneg Shabbat:

Our Oneg Shabbat is one of the many pleasures of belonging to the Keys Jewish Community Center. Following the Friday night services, the Oneg is a time to have a nosh and mingle in a relaxed setting. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate and honor special events such as a birthday, anniversary, new baby, graduation, safe return, yahrzeit, or any other occasion of your choice.

Oneg Shabbat

Please come you are most welcome.
Services are held Fridays at 7:30 PM.

Keys Jewish Community Center,Tavernier, Key Largo, Florida

To contact us
Telephone: (305) 852-5235
Email: president@keysjewishcenter.com

There are 3 forms of sponsorship.

  1. For a $60 donation (whether you are present or not) Sisterhood will purchase challah, wine, coffee/tea/soft drinks, and assorted baked goods.
  2. You may elect to provide your own foods. In that case, we suggest food for 40 people to be at the KJCC thirty minutes prior to the start of services. Challah, wine, coffee/tea/soft drinks will be provided by Sisterhood at no cost to you. All goodies will be cut up and placed on serving trays by our kitchen staff unless Sisterhood is notified otherwise.
  3. For a contribution of $300 you may sponsor a Shabbat Dinner that Sisterhood will order.

For additional information or to sponsor an Oneg; Please contact  Joyce at the KJCC:
Telephone: (305) 852-5235 to leave a message or email: sisterhood@keysjewishcenter.com

Mailing Address:
KJCC Sisterhood,
P.O. Box 116,
Tavernier FL 33070

(305) 852-5235